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Adjustment Field options
To change adjustment field options
1 From the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add‑on menu, choose Options.
2 Click the Adjustment Fields tab.
3 Set the properties, and then click OK.
On the Adjustment Fields tab you can specify the number of adjustment fields, the size and weight of the crosses used, and their distance from the margins.
Insert the adjustment fields into a UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper document using the Insert Scanning Controls command.
Distance From Margin
Defines the distance in points from the margins.
Exclude gutter
Defines whether the distance from the margin includes or excludes the gutter, if one has been defined for the page.
Defines the size and weight of the lines that intersect to create the crosses.
Use 5th adjustment field
Select this option if you want to insert a fifth adjustment field (this is recommended). UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add‑on inserts the 5th adjustment field in a different position on each page. This generally means that each page results in a unique image, which speeds up scanning because it reduces the time the scanning software spends matching each page.
Displays how the adjustment fields will appear on the page. If you selected the 5th adjustment field option, the 5th adjustment field is shown, but not in its actual position because it is positioned differently on each page.
Apply to
Indicates whether these definitions apply to all pages in the questionnaire, or only to portrait or landscape pages.
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