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Recognition Field options
To change recognition field options
1 From the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add‑on menu, choose Options.
2 Click the General tab, and then select Insert Recognition fields.
3 Click the Recognition Fields tab.
4 Set the properties, and then click OK.
VARIABLEdimscan"/> Options: Recognition Field tab
When UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add‑on inserts scanning control fields, it can generate an eight-digit identification number for each page of the questionnaire. These numbers are used by the scanning software to identify the pages. Use these fields to generate the recognition field in the General tab of the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add‑on Options dialog, and specify where the number is to appear on the page.
Location on Page
Defines whether the recognition field appears at the top, bottom, left, or right of the page.
Distance from Margin
Defines the distance in points from the margin.
Exclude gutter
Defines whether the distance from the margin includes or excludes the gutter, if one has been defined for the page.
Relative position
Defines where the recognition field appears on the chosen edge. You define the position as a percentage from left to right, or top to bottom. So the default of 50 positions the field half way along the edge.
Defines the direction of the text. Choose from upward, downward, and horizontal. You will probably want to use the upward and downward options when the recognition field is on the left or right of the page, and the horizontal option when the recognition field is at the top or bottom of the page.
Defines the width of the text.
Defines the height of the text.
Displays how the adjustment fields will appear on the page.
Apply to
Indicates whether these definitions apply to all pages in the questionnaire, or only to portrait or landscape pages.
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