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Analyzing the scanned data in Quantum
Writing a Quantum specification to analyze the scanned data, or to generate a Quanvert database, is a complex and time-consuming task. However, you can reduce the time it takes and the likelihood of errors by using Metadata Model to Quantum or the options in Quanquest and In2quest to generate basic Quantum axis, table, and run specifications. The Quantum specwriter can then modify these specifications to create the precise analysis that is required. Use the option to generate the Quantum axes when you create the questionnaire definition in the authoring tool.
Metadata Model to Quantum
This is an accessory that is part of the UNICOM Intelligence Data Model, which comes with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper and UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add‑on. To open Metadata Model to Quantum, from the Windows Start menu, choose Programs > UNICOM Intelligence > Accessories > Metadata Model to Quantum.
For more information about Metadata Model to Quantum, see Metadata Model to Quantum.
Select Generate Quantum tabs, axes, and run file in the Export Options dialog. For more information, see the Quanquest documentation.
Choose the Export command in In2data. Make sure that you do not change the card and column specifications in In2data. The names of the Quantum axes will not exactly match the names of the questions in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper document (or of the variables in the questionnaire definition). In addition, In2data exports the In2quest system variables rather than the serial number system variable in the questionnaire definition, and you might need to change the Quantum specification accordingly. For more information, see the In2quest documentation.
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