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Data source components
Data Link Properties: Connection tab
A data source component (DSC) enables you to save your scanned data in a specific format. You select the DSC you want to use for the transfer in the Data Link Properties dialog, which opens when you choose Select Data Source Component or Transfer As from the File menu. If you have not selected a DSC for a transfer file, it also opens when you try to run a parse or transfer for the first time.
Provider tab
You do not need to change anything on this tab because UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add‑on automatically selects the UNICOM Intelligence OLE DB Provider for you.
Connection tab
Use this tab to select the DSC for the transfer.
Advanced tab
Use this tab to define the data validation options you require and, if you are connecting to a relational database, the database login information.
This tab lists all of the connection properties for the DSC. Generally you do not need to use this tab.
For information about the Provider and All tabs, and about the available DSCs, see the UNICOM Intelligence Data Model online help, which is in the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library.
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