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Table scripting
UNICOM Intelligence Reporter includes components that enable you to create sophisticated survey and market research tables using a script. UNICOM Intelligence Reporter is compatible with UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation, so you can use UNICOM Intelligence Professional to set up tables in the form of a table document (.mtd) file, and then open the file in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation for further analysis.
Some basic sample scripts, which demonstrate some of the most commonly used features in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
The table specification syntax, including how to create elements; the base element; and understanding axes.
Information about the cell contents that you can include in tables, and the weighting and rounding that is performed by UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
How to work with hierarchical data.
Statistical tests you can run on tables.
How to change the presentation of tables, such as sorting, hiding low values, defining zero symbols, and so on.
How to use annotations to display additional details on your tables.
How to create profile tables to display non-aggregated data.
Events are predefined objects that specify actions that are to take place at certain points in the script.
Working with versions, labels, and languages.
Creating variable folders and storing derived variables, or other metadata edits, in .mtd files.
Creating new variables and folders, for tabulation, in script.
Exporting tables to HTML, Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and text files.
Saving axis specifications in the metadata.
A list of the table script example files that are provided with the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library.
The limits in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
Reference information about the objects, methods and properties in the Table Object Model.
Reference information about the objects, methods and properties in the Metadata Service Object Model.
Reference information about the objects, methods and properties in the QsfTom Component Object Model.
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What’s new in Table scripting in this release
How to create tables using a data management script.
Information on learning mrScriptBasic, including syntax reference topics.
This documentation includes some mrScriptBasic examples. To run them, you must have UNICOM Intelligence Professional Tables Option. Some of the examples have additional requirements, which are explained in the text.