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Adding or removing a statistical test
This topic explains how to add a column proportions, column means, or chi-square statistics test to a table. For information on adding a paired preference test, see Adding a paired preference test.
1 In the Table List, select the table for which you want to request a statistical test.
The statistical tests that have been requested for a table are listed on the Preferences tab.
2 Select the Preferences tab.
3 Click Modify above the list of statistical tests.
The Modify Table Statistics Test dialog opens (see Modify Table Statistics Test dialog).
4 Do one of the following:
To add a test, select it in the Available Items list, and then click Add.
To remove a test, select the item in the list on the right side and click Remove.
5 Click OK.
This returns you to the Preferences tab.
6 If required, change the significance levels and the minimum and small base values. See Requesting statistical tests for more information.
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