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The following example sets the AutoUnweightedBases property to False.
MyTable.Properties["AutoUnweightedBases"] = False
See Weighting tables for more information.
The following example sets the ZeroCountSymbol and ZeroPercentSymbol properties.
Table1.Properties["ZeroCountSymbol"] = "*"
Table1.Properties["ZeroPercentSymbol"] = "**"
See Handling zero values and setting hide rules for more information.
The following example removes percent signs from all percentage values in a table.
Table1.Properties["ShowPercentSigns"] = False
The following example creates a table and adds a custom property called Notes.
Set Table = TableDoc.Tables.AddNew("Table2", "age * gender")
Set Property = Table.Properties.CreateProperty()
Property.Name = "Notes"
Property.Value = "Survey still in progress"
The following example labels the base and unweighted base elements as “Total” and “Unweighted Total” on all new tables:
TableDoc.Default.Properties["AutoBaseSpecification"] = "Base 'Total' base()"
TableDoc.Default.Properties["AutoUnweightedBaseSpecification"] = "UnweightedBase 'Unweighted Total' unweightedbase()"
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