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Running the sample table scripts
You can run the sample table script (.mrs files) in UNICOM Intelligence Professional or using the mrScript Command Line Runner.
Running the sample scripts in UNICOM Intelligence Professional
1 Open UNICOM Intelligence Professional.
2 Open the .mrs file you want to run (by default, the sample table script files are installed in the [INSTALL_FOLDER]\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\DDL\Scripts\Tables folder).
3 Press Ctrl+F5 or choose Start Without Debugging from the Debug menu or select the Start Without Debugging tool on the Debugging toolbar.
For more information on editing, running, and debugging mrScriptBasic files in UNICOM Intelligence Professional, see Using UNICOM Intelligence Professional.
Running the sample scripts using the mrScript command line runner
1 Open a command prompt. For example, in Windows 2000, from the Windows Start menu, click Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
2 Change to the folder that the sample files are in. The default location is:
3 Type mrScriptCL followed by the name of the file you want to run and the options you require. For example, to run the MyFirstTable.mrs sample, type:
mrScriptCl MyFirstTable.mrs
For more information, see mrScript Command Line Runner.
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