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Table size in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation
By default, a warning message appears when you populate tables containing over 10,000 cells at a time using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation. The number of cells is calculated by multiplying the number of rows by the number of columns, for each table that you are populating. This includes any hidden rows and columns that are part of the table specification.
If you populate a number of tables at the same time using Populate All, the warning appears if the total cell count for all tables added together is over the 10,000 limit. If you populate tables individually, each table can contain up to the 10,000 limit.
If you want to populate tables containing more than the maximum number of cells, you can ignore the message, but you might find that the tables take a long time to populate. Try one or more of the following changes to reduce the cell count:
reduce the number of tables in the table document
populate tables one at a time using Populate rather than Populate All
reduce the size of individual tables by removing unnecessary variables, elements, or levels of nesting
redesign your tables so that the information in very large tables is split between two or more smaller tables.
Your system administrator can change the limit that triggers the message, to tailor it to the system resources available. For example, if you find that the message appears unnecessarily, ask your system administrator to increase the limit at which it appears.
By default, there is no absolute limit that prevents you from populating tables with very large numbers of cells. However, your system administrator can add an absolute limit, above which an error message appears and prevents you from continuing to populate the tables. If you never intend to create tables above a certain size, you might want your system administrator to add an absolute limit at the maximum expected size, so that UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation prevents you from populating large tables created in error. See the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation Installation Instructions and Configuration Notes help file for information on how to change the warning limit or add an absolute limit.
There is no limit to the size of the tables that you can create using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation Studio option; the maximum table size depends on your system resources.
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