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Go to cross-references
Routing instructions are generally given in the form of the name or question name of the next question to ask. You insert these into the category rows in categorical Looks using placeholders to which you have applied the mr Category Go To Name or mr Category Go To Short Name character style. When you apply Looks containing these character styles to a question, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper inserts the names or short names of the next question to ask for any category that is defined in the questionnaire definition with Go To information.
Sometimes, you might prefer to insert the number of the page that contains the next question to ask; for example, when the next question is at the start of a new section that appears on a separate sheet. To do this, use the mr Category Go To Cross-reference character style. mr Category Go To Cross-reference inserts a Word cross-reference in the appropriate page in the Word document.
When you open or save a Look that contains this character style, Word displays “Error! Bookmark Not Defined”. This is because Word cannot insert the cross-reference, because the page it references is not present in the Look file. As soon as you apply the Look to a question, Word can insert the cross-references and the message disappears, although Word does not normally update cross-references until you print the document or use the Update Fields command. However, when you load a questionnaire definition using Looks that contain this character style, the cross-references are automatically updated.
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