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Creating layouts for different tasks
When you run or debug a script, or run an interview script (.mdd) file using Auto Answer, UNICOM Intelligence Professional automatically restores the window layout you were using when you last performed the same task. When the script has finished executing, UNICOM Intelligence Professional restores your original window layout. You can use this feature of UNICOM Intelligence Professional to create individual window layouts for these different tasks.
For example, if you press Ctrl+F5 to run a data management script (.dms file), you might then want to click the Output pane tab and increase the size of the Output pane so that you could follow the progress of the script more easily. When the script finishes running, UNICOM Intelligence Professional will automatically decrease the size of the Output pane to the size it was before you ran the script (and if the Output Pane was not visible to start with, it will be moved back behind another pane). If you now run the data management script again by pressing Ctrl+F5, you will find that the Output pane automatically appears and increases to the size that you set it to when you first ran the script.
In a similar way, if you are working on an interview script you might want to reveal the Browser pane and increase its size while you are debugging the script. When you are editing the script, you might want to increase the size of the Edit pane and have the Find pane showing. The benefit of this feature is that you only need to make those layout changes once, and not every time you start and stop debugging.
Although this feature of UNICOM Intelligence Professional can be a little confusing at first, you might find it useful once you have become more familiar with how it works. The important thing to remember is to press Ctrl+F5, F5 or F6 first, and only then arrange the window layout to how you want it to appear. In addition, wait for a script to finish executing before arranging your window layout for editing tasks.
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