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Project templates
You can create a project template to keep all of the files and settings for a UNICOM Intelligence project that can be used again in the future. Project templates can include survey files (.mdd), quota, sample, and layout templates. A project template can also include the activation file, which stores all of the project activation settings, configured for deployment to an interviewing player.
Project templates help you work more efficiently. You might have a project that is used many times (for example, as a tracker), and have tuned the document and changed the activation settings that are applied when the project is deployed to a server (and/or locally). The project might also have consistent quota totals. A project template enables you to perform basic construction and configuration of a project once; the project template is then available for redeployment as needed.
When a project template is used for a new project in UNICOM Intelligence Author or UNICOM Intelligence Professional, the .mdd file that is in the template populates the authoring tool you are working in. When you open the Activation dialog, the template's activation settings are displayed, and Quota and Participants information (in the Activation interface) are updated based on the template's stored quota and sample files. When activated, all of the files and settings carryover to the server or cluster to which the project is deployed.
Project templates can also be updated. A survey might require additional questions or categories, different call times might be required to satisfy field constraints, an so on. You can save these changes back to the original template, or create a new template if you have typical variations.
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