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Retrieving the CadsClient service objects when using IOM.Services
Issues might occur when you use IOM.Services to retrieve CadsClient service objects. For example, the following script does not display any IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services methods or properties (after entering the period '.' character).
Set sRequest = IOM.Services["TestCaDS"].
The issue can be resolved by the following script:
Dim CaDSServiceObj, DBServiceObj, SFServiceObj
Set CaDSServiceObj = IOM.Services["CaDSServer1"]
Set DBServiceObj = IOM.Services["DBServer1"]
Set SFServiceObj = IOM.Services["SFServer1"]

If False Then
  Dim CaDSClient, DBClient, SFClient

  ' Set script assist for CaDSClient
  Set CaDSClient = CreateObject("CaDSClient.Client")
  Set CaDSServiceObj = CaDSClient.Features

  ' Set script assist for DBConnectionService
  Set DBClient = CreateObject("DBConnectionService.Service")
  Set DBServiceObj = DBClient.DBConnectionFactory

  ' Set script assist for SalesforceService
  Set SFClient = CreateObject("SalesforceService.Service")
  Set SFServiceObj = SFClient.ClientFactory
End If
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