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Generating audit related reports
To generate audit related reports using the InterviewerDataCollectionAudit_Analysis.mdd and DataCollectionAudit_Analysis.ddf files, see this script:
Before running the reports, you must either copy the report script to the directory where the DataCollectionAudit_Analysis.mdd and DataCollectionAudit_Analysis.ddf are stored, or update the script (METADATA and DBLOCATION at the top of the script) to point to the file paths. These files are typically in:
C:\Documents and Settings\<your Windows user name>\Application Data\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\<version>\Interviewer\Config\Audit
You might also want to update the OUTPUT setting (this defines the name and location of the output file). The output files are named OperatorReport.mtd and OperatorReport.htm and are located in the current directory. You can provide a different path and file names by the OUTPUT define setting.
Run the script from a Windows command prompt using:
mrScriptCl.exe CreateOperatorReports.mrs
This creates an output .htm file of exported tables as well as an output .mtd file that you can use in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter for more investigation.
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