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UNICOM Intelligence Data Entry
UNICOM Intelligence Data Entry is a fully integrated interviewing solution for mobile and on-site data collection. The application provides a platform for managing data entry projects and houses the Data Entry Player for rapid entry. UNICOM Intelligence Data Entry supports:
rapid, heads-down keying for time and cost efficiency
multi-pass keying, including full or partial verification of an initial entry pass, to maximize quality
manual file creation and importing of configurations, projects, and keyed data for easy transfer among multiple users in an operation
keyboard accessibility as an alternative to using the mouse
on-screen visualization of current variable names, question text, and response lists as well as an interactive window for viewing and editing previous entries
all UNICOM Intelligence Author and UNICOM Intelligence Professional routing items and programmed survey rules. This provides for more efficient entry and cleaner output of raw data files.
document batching and indexing for effective management of paper sources
raw data output in UNICOM Intelligence .ddf and IBM SPSS Statistics .sav file formats.
UNICOM Intelligence Data Entry supports server operation using the UNICOM Intelligence - Remote Admin and UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Synchronization Console features of UNICOM Intelligence. In addition to data entry, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer manages data collection by using live interviewing methodology. For more information, see the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library or the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer User’s Guide.
Refer to the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin Architecture section of the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library for more information about UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer components and how they interact.