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Translation Utility windows
Translation Utility contains these windows:
Displays a list of all of the translatable item groups in the file. For more information, see Overview window.
Displays the source language text in one pane, and provides an area to enter or modify translation text in the other pane. For more information, see Edit window.
Provides a convenient method for attaching additional information to specific items. For more information, see Note window.
Translation grid
Displays columns containing source language text and columns for each target language. You can enter translation text directly in the grid, and the translation text for each item is displayed next to the source language text for comparison. For multiple language translations, you can display each language next to the source language. For more information, see Translation grid.
Load options dialog
The Load Options dialog appears when you open a metadata file. It enables you to load only the contexts and label types that you need to see in the file.
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