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Most of the icons in the Overview window are not directly relevant to Translation Utility but might help to clarify the context of some translatable text. These icons are properties of the .mdd file or of Translation Utility and cannot be changed.
Numericquestion icon
Numeric question
Response is a number. For example, age and number of children.
Text question icon
Text question
Response is a text string. For example, first name and last name.
Categorical, single response question icon
Categorical, single response question
Response is one of a set of predefined categories. For example, “Yes” or “No”.
Categorical, multiple response question icon
Categorical, multiple response question
Response is one or more of a set of predefined categories. For example, responses to the question: “Which of the following exhibits did you see today?”
Closely related questions that share the same response categories.
Compound icon
Compound questions contain a number of related but separate questions that are presented as a group using a shared list.
Loop icon
A set of questions that might be asked at multiple times, but for a different subject each time.
InformationItems icon
Information Items
Used to place text or other non-question information in the questionnaire. They are often used for general instructions to the interviewer or respondent.
Shared list icon
Shared list
Indicates that the text is part of a shared list that might be used by more than one question. Changing the text in a shared list changes it for every question that uses the list.
Heading text describing a number of questions that are grouped together on the same page of a questionnaire.
Group By icon
Group By
Indicates that the retrieved data is grouped by one or more columns.
For Each icon
For Each
Repeats a group of statements for each element in an array or collection.
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