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Email text tab
Enter a subject for the email message.
Send as
Select either HTML or Plain text. HTML provides formatting options (bold text, italics, and so on), while Plain text does not.
Displays suggested message text, complete with substitution markers for inserting respondent or project specific information. You can accept this text as it is, modify it, or replace it with different text.
Click to preview how the email will display.
If you want to insert the value of a Sample Management field or project property into the message text, click in the text at the point you want to make the insertion, then click Substitutions and select the field or property you want to insert from the dialog that is displayed. The property name appears in the message text enclosed in curly brackets and will be replaced by the appropriate value when the email message is sent.
Email address field from sample
Select the Sample Management field that contains recipient email addresses.
Write date and time that email was sent to sample
When selected, the date and time when the message was sent, as part of each recipient's sample record, is recorded. The recorded time is in UTC, and is not configurable to any other timezone.
Sample field in write to write
Select the name of the sample field from the list.
if you want to prevent the same message from being sent to respondents more than once, use this option and Write date and time that email was sent to sample.
If a respondent is sent the same message more than once, the date and time field information is overwritten each time a new message is sent.
Send emails to this address when test emails are sent or when there are problems
Enter an email address that will be sent messages when test emails are sent or when problems are encountered.
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