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Participants tab
Choose queues
Select the queues from which recipients can be selected.
The list shows only queues that contained sample records when the mrDPMServer3 service started. This means that the list might contain out-of-date information, for example, because records have moved into a queue that was previously empty or because a queue that contained records is now empty. To view an up-to-date list, you might need to ask your UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin administrator to stop and restart the mrDPMServer3 service.
To restrict your selections even further, do the following:
Choose a field to filter participants
Select a field to be used for filtering participants. The list shows all fields in the sample table except Queue.
Choose filter value(s)
Select the values that the field must contain in order for respondents to be selected. The list shows all values present in the selected field.
Send email to
All participants meeting the criteria specified: Sends the email to all participants that meet the criteria.
A maximum number of participants: Sends the email to only the number of participants that you specify.
First x: Sends the email to the first x respondents from the top of the list (of those matching the selection criteria).
Randomly selected: Sends the email to random respondents (of those matching the selection criteria).
This email can be sent to the same participant more than once
When selected, email is allowed to be sent to the same participant more than once. This option is available only if you enabled Write date and time that email was sent to sample on the Email text tab.
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