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Calling Rules: Ordering
The Ordering settings allow you to specify the order in which records are retrieved from each individual queue. For example, you might want to first dial records with a higher number of attempts when scanning the Recall queue.
Ordering records
The table defines the ordering of records, by field, in each queue. Select the field order from the Field menus.
Prioritize recalls over fresh
Allows you to specify the frequency in which recalls to busy and other unanswered calls take priority over calls to new numbers. Specify a percentage to check the RECALL queue before the FRESH queue. For example, specifying a value of 25% would result in the RECALL queue being checked before the FRESH queue for one-in-four calls. The default value is 90%.
Order records within each queue
The table displays the current field order for each queue and provides options for defining which sample fields are used for ordering the queue records, adding new queue order rules, and deleting queue order rules.
The queue name. The names are not modifiable.
Sort By
The list provides all sample fields available to its relative queue. Select an appropriate field from the list.
The order in which the selected sample field will be sorted. The list provides options for Ascending and Descending.
Adding new queue order rules
1 Right-click inside the Order records within each queue table, and then click Add.
2 Select the Sort By field criteria and the sort Direction.
Removing an existing queue order rule
1 Right-click inside the Order records within each queue table, and then click Remove.
2 Select the Sort By field criteria to remove.
When defining new queue ordering rules, the new rules effect only when they are added to the sample management script.
When removing queue ordering rules, the rules must also be removed from the sample management script.
When queue ordering and field/weight ordering are both specified, queue ordering is used to resolve parallel ordering.
Records with values for which no order or weight are specified are retrieved last from the Appointment queue (records are not retrieved from any of the other queues).
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