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Activate Current Project: Quota settings
The Quota settings provide options for specifying the project's Quota Control parameters.
The Quota node displays under the Activate tree when the Use quota control option is selected from the Activate Current Project: Project settings dialog.
Create new quota database
Select this option if you are activating the project for the first time, or if you are reactivating but this is the first time that you have had quota information available. The exception is when your new project shares quotas with another project. In this case, if the shared quota database already exists, select the quota database from the list instead.
When a project uses quota control and you activate it for the first time, the activation process creates a new quota database for the project using the information in the project’s quota definition (.mqd) file.
The quota database is a set of tables whose names start with QUOTA and which the activation process creates inside the project database. They contain definitions of the quota groups and their targets and, once interviewing starts, counts of completed, pending, and rolled back interviews for each group. The quota definition (.mqd) file is the file that the Quota Setup program creates when you save the quota definitions and targets. The activation process uses the file to determine the structure and content of the quota database it is to create. The .mqd file is not used during interviewing.
Use existing quota database
If the project has been previously activated with quota, or it shares an existing quota database with another project, select this option, and then select the appropriate quota database from the list.
Do not update the quota definitions on the server
When selected, quota definitions on the server will not be updated.
Publish new quota definitions, but do not update existing quotas
When selected, any new definitions are updated to the server, but existing definitions on the server remain unchanged.
Update quota with changes made in the project’s mqd file
When a quota database exists, this is always available for selection but is unchecked. If you have made changes to the .mqd file, select this option if you want these changes to be implemented in the quota database.
Personal Interviewer Assignments
Assign a simple percentage of quota targets to each personal interviewer
Enter the appropriate percentage of quota targets to assign to each personal interviewer.
Choose a file that contains quota assignments
Click Browse and navigate to the quota allocation file.
If you have changed quotas using the Quotas activity in Quota Interviewer Server Administration these changes have been written to the quota database but do not appear in the project's .mqd file. If you activate using the .mqd file, the changes you made with the Quotas activity are lost. If you want to keep these changes, you must make them in the .mqd file using Quota Setup before reactivating.
Quota setup
To set up a quota control file for the project, use the Quota Setup program. Click Start > All Programs > UNICOM Systems, Inc. > UNICOM Intelligence > Accessories > Quota.
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