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Advanced: Other
The Other settings provides options for defining a destination cluster, reporting setting, and dialog settings.
Destination cluster
The cluster on which to activate the project. If you are activating a project that has already been activated (for example, if you have changed and recompiled the questionnaire) you must activate it on the same cluster that you previously used.
Check for next project at end of interview
When selected survey chaining is enabled for the project. This allows a different survey to be initiated immediately after the current survey is completed.
Use a reporting database
When selected, you can identify a reporting database.
Reporting database connection
When Use a reporting database option is selected, this field displays the connection string to a reporting database. You can manually enter a connection string or click Edit to launch the Data Link Properties dialog and construct a connection string.
Suppress interview template warnings
Select this option if you do not want the activation process to display warnings if the project's template files do not contain well-formed HTML.
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