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Options dialog: General tab
Use the General tab of the Options dialog to set defaults for options that control the way that questionnaires are displayed in UNICOM Intelligence Author.
Remember login details for activation
By default, UNICOM Intelligence Author prompts you to log into UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin the first time you activate a project, but the next time you activate a project in the same session of UNICOM Intelligence Author, it logs in automatically using the same details. Clear this box if you want to prompt for the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server server login details every time you activate. For example, if you are activating projects to more than one UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin server or URL, clear this option so that you can enter the correct details each time you activate. For more information, see Activating questionnaires.
This option is hidden when the questionnaire file is loaded from an UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server (activation uses the authentication information you enter when logging into the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server).
Set Response Required to true for new questions
Select this option if you usually want to prevent respondents from skipping questions.
Clear this option if you usually want respondents to be able to skip questions.
Whenever you create a new question, it has the default set here; you can change this for individual questions after you create them.
Maximum response name length
By default, response names are automatically generated according to the response label. The default maximum response name length is 128 characters when the response name is not manually set. This option provides a means for limiting the maximum length auto-generated response names, but does not prevent users from changing the actual response names.
The minimum response name length is 3 (this helps ensure unique response names).
The maximum response name length is 128.
Language dictionary location
Displays the current language dictionary location. Click Browse to select a different location.
For UNICOM Intelligence Author Server Edition, this option is read-only and the language dictionaries are loaded from UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server.
Custom dictionary location
Displays the current custom language dictionary location. Click Browse to select a different location.
Associate Languages
Click this button to associate language dictionaries with MDM languages.
Check spelling as you type
Select this option if you want to check spelling of words as you type text in UNICOM Intelligence Author. This option is enabled by default.
To check the spelling if the entire questionnaire at once, click Tools > Spelling, or press F7, or click the Spelling toolbar button.
Additional dictionaries can be purchased from:
Put additional dictionaries in this folder:
[INSTALL_FOLDER]\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\IBM SPSS Data Collection Author\7.0.1\SpellChecking\Dictionaries
UNICOM Intelligence Author automatically recognizes the languages.
Reset Dialogs
Restores all dialogs that are hidden as a result of the Do not show this dialog in the future option.
Allow docking and undocking of window panes
Enables you to move the panes in the UNICOM Intelligence Author window around the window.
Clear the option after you have arranged the panes to your satisfaction, to prevent accidental changes. For more information, see Changing the layout of the window.
Automatically fill keycodes
Select this option to automatically assign keycodes to responses. For more information, see Keycodes.
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