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UNICOM Intelligence Author allows you to define custom keycodes for question responses. You can manually assign custom keycodes, or allow UNICOM Intelligence Author to auto-fill response keycodes.
To assign keycodes manually
1 Select a question from the Routings pane.
2 Enter keycodes for the question responses in the Design pane's Keycode field. If the Keycode field is not displayed, click the Field Chooser icon and select Keycode from the dialog.
3 Repeat the previous steps for all applicable questions.
Avoid using keycodes that start with the same characters. You should not define ambiguous keycodes, especially when one keycode is a part of another keycode. For example:
Q1 "What activities do you like?" {Basketball keycode(1), Football keycode(11)};
For this question, the interviewer's intention cannot be determined when the 1 key is pressed. Changing the keycodes to the following would result in better results:
Q1 "What activities do you like?" {Basketball keycode(01), Football keycode(11)};
For this question, the interviewer's intention can be determined because although both keycodes contain 1, the interviewer must press a unique first character.
The Ctrl and Alt keys can be assigned as keycodes, but the user interface Ctrl and Alt assignments will supersede the keycode assignments.
To auto-fill keycodes
1 Navigate to the General tab in the Options dialog: Tools > Options > General
2 Select Automatically fill keycodes.
For information on defining auto-fill settings, see Keycodes: Auto-Fill.
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