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Substituting the text from a loop iteration
1 Create the loop and loop questions. For more information, see Creating loops to ask the same questions for different subjects.
2 Edit the text of the loop questions. In the appropriate place in the text, insert this statement:
{@ LoopName }
To insert the iterations for the VacationLoop in the HowLong question, you might enter something like this if you are using a multiple response question as the loop driver:
How long did the vacation in {@VacationLoop} last?
If you are using a numeric question or a fixed iteration as the loop driver, you would need to reword the text slightly, for example:
How long did vacation {@VacationLoop} last?
When the interview is run, this displays the number of iterations each time the question is asked.
For another example of using text substitution with loops, see Creating a “Total Awareness” question.
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