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Attaching images to responses
You can attach pictures to individual responses, so that they are displayed to the respondent in the questionnaire.
To add an image to a response
1 Select the question in the Routings pane. If you have not done so, create the question and response text.
2 Choose the Design pane.
3 If the File field is not displayed, click the Field Chooser icon and select File from the Field Chooser dialog.
4 In the File field for each response, click the ... button, and then browse to the folder containing the image you want to attach.
If the image you choose is not in the user project folder, when the questionnaire file is opened from an UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin, the file is automatically copied to the user project folder.
5 Select the appropriate image and click Open.
6 Repeat for all responses to which you want to attach images.
If you select the same image for more than one response, a message appears asking whether you want to use the same image file or a file with a different name. This is because all the image files are saved in the same folder when you add them to the questionnaire:
If you are using files with the same name that contain different images, choose to rename the files.
If you are using the same file multiple times, choose to overwrite.
7 Press Ctrl+S to save the file.
When you attach an image to a response, UNICOM Intelligence Author copies the image file to a subfolder with the name FileName_files beneath the folder containing the questionnaire (.mdd) file, where FileName is the name of the .mdd file. This means that if you make any changes to an image file in the original source location they are not reflected in the questionnaire. You need to copy the image file to the subfolder.
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