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Using style templates for questionnaires
You can apply styles to a questionnaire to change the way that the questions display in a web page. For example, you can specify fonts; add colors and images; and define the types of control displayed to the respondent. The style is stored in a style template (.htm) file.
Some style templates are provided with UNICOM Intelligence Author. You can use these templates as they are; change them to your requirements; or create your own template files. For more information, see Templates.
If you create template files or change existing ones, you can validate the HTML: see Validating style templates.
When you attach a template to a questionnaire file, UNICOM Intelligence Author copies the template file to a subfolder called FileName_files (where FileName is the name of the questionnaire .mdd file) under the folder that contains the .mdd file. If the template uses additional files or subfolders, these are also copied into the subfolder. This means that if you make any changes to a template file in the original source location they are not reflected in the questionnaire file: you must copy the updated template file to the subfolder.
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