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Using question templates
You can apply the Calendar or Slider question template to an existing question in your questionnaire. This inserts the calendar tool or sliding number selection tool into your question response. For details about these templates, see Using a question template. You can also apply a custom question template you created.
1 Select the question you want to apply the template to. Supported question types for question templates are Single Response, Multiple Response, True or False, Numeric, Text, Date/Time, and Display Text.
2 If the Properties pane is not showing, display it.
The Question options are displayed in the Properties pane.
3 Click the ... button beside the Question Template field.
4 Browse to the location of the template file you want to use. By default, all templates are in the Documents and Settings\All Users folder, for example:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\Author\Library\Templates
or under ProgramData, for example:
5 Select Calendar.htm, Slider.htm, or a custom template file that you created, and then click Open.
6 The question template is applied to the question you selected. To see the results, see Previewing questions.
You can also insert question templates from the Library under Questions\Question Types.
To display a different format for Dojo Calendar questions
1 Save the .mdd file after adding a Dojo Calendar question.
2 Open the DojoDatePicker.htm file (located in the Dojo_files folder, and add the appropriate locale information. For example:
<mrSharedRef RefPosition="head" RefType="script" type="text/javascript" src="/Dojo//dojo/dojo.js" djConfig="parseOnLoad: true, locale:'zh-cn' ">// Script</mrSharedRef>
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