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Inserting questions from the library
The remaining questions are about age and gender. You could add these in the same way as the other questions, but as there are some suitable questions already available in one of the example files supplied with UNICOM Intelligence Author, you can copy them instead.
Copying questions from the library
1 Select the final question in the Routing list (the Email question).
2 Click Properties in the Explorer view on the right of the window, and then select Library from the list that appears.
3 In the Library pane, expand the Questions folder, and then the Demographics folder.
4 The Demographics folder contains two age questions, one numeric and one categorical. Select the categorical question.
5 Click Insert.
The language used in the age question is English (United States). If the default language that you are using is different from this, the Insert Library Item dialog appears. Click OK.
6 The question is added at the end of the list of questions.
Inserting questions using the main menu
You can also insert questions using the main menu. Try this with the gender question.
1 Select the age question in the Routing list.
2 In the Library pane, select Gender Question in the Demographics folder.
3 Click Insert > From Library.
The gender question is added after the age question.
Adding questions from the Library makes a copy of the question in your questionnaire file, which you can then edit as required. The original question in the library is unchanged.
Editing a question
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