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Editing a question
Looking at the age question, you can see that there are six age categories and a Refuse option for those who do not want to answer the question. For the purposes of this questionnaire, you might decide to use slightly different categories.
1 Select the age question.
2 In the Design pane, click the row that contains the 55 to 64 response. Change the description to 55 to 60.
3 In the same way, select the text in the Name field for this response, and change it to _55_to_60, so that the unique identifier for the response matches the text seen by the respondent.
The response names have a prefix of _ (underscore) because names are not allowed to begin with a number.
4 Change the 65 and over response to 61 and over in the Response field, and _61_and_over in the Name field.
5 Press Ctrl+S to save the changes.
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