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Testing the questionnaire and editing questions
To see if the questionnaire appears as you want it to, you can preview it as you create it. This gives you the opportunity to make further edits, including adding and deleting questions, before you upload the question to UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server and activate it.
Before activating, there is only one version of the file, containing the latest edits. However, once you activate the file, all the information in the file is retained as an earlier version when any changes are made. Because of this, you should est your questionnaire thoroughly using the Preview options before activating either a test or live version.
Previewing the questionnaire
1 Choose the routing you want to preview. In this case, choose the Web_Survey routing.
2 Click View > Interview Preview, or press Ctrl+Shift+I.
The Interview Preview dialog appears, showing the first question. You can view the question in Web, Phone, or Data Entry format.
3 Click Next, and then continue through the questionnaire checking each question.
By default, questions that you create in UNICOM Intelligence Author require a response, so you cannot move forward until you enter a valid answer (this does not apply to the two questions inserted from the Library). As you move through the questionnaire, the questions appear in the order in which you put them in the Web_Survey routing, and the two demographics questions appear on the same page.
4 Click Close at the bottom of the Interview Preview window when you have finished.
Editing questions
1 In the InstantOrGround question, it might be a good idea to add another option for those who do not drink coffee:
Select the InstantOrGround question in the Web_Survey routing.
In the Design pane, add a third response Don't drink coffee to the end of the Response list.
2 In the Email text question, the input box is quite large. Change it to a more suitable size:
Select the Email question in the Web_Survey routing.
Display the Properties pane.
In the Width field, type 50.
In the Height field, type 1.
3 The preview shows that the Email question cannot be left blank. Change this so that respondents can leave this question blank if they want to:
In the Routings pane, select the Email question.
In the Properties pane, clear Response.
4 Try making your own changes to some of the questions.
Previewing the updated questions
1 Select one of the questions that you have updated in the Routings pane, and then click View > Question Preview, or press Ctrl+Q.
The question is displayed in the Preview Question tab (which is next to the Design tab in Design pane). Check the effects of the changes that you made to the question.
2 To check another question, select the question in the Routings pane.
3 Press Ctrl+S to save the changes you have made.
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