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Formatting the questionnaire
The appearance of the web questionnaire in the Preview Question tab is based on the default style template, which controls how the questions and responses appear on screen. You can change the format of your web questionnaires by attaching a different style template. A number of templates are supplied with UNICOM Intelligence Author.
Attaching a template to the questionnaire
1 In the Routings pane, select the Web_Survey routing.
2 If the Properties pane is not showing, display it.
3 Click the ... button that is next to the Layout Template field.
The templates folder appears.
4 Click the People_Working_Red_Layout.htm template file, and then click Open.
5 Preview the questionnaire again: press Ctrl+Shift+I.
The web version of the questionnaire now looks different, as it uses the formatting from the template file. Instead of Next and Back buttons, click the < > arrows to move backwards and forwards through the questionnaire.
6 Click Close at the bottom of the Interview Preview window when you have finished.
7 Press Ctrl+S to save the change to the file.
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