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Changing the current context
You can change the context at any point in a given routing. This allows you to display different contexts in different routings. For example, you might want to use one context for the text displayed in a web interview and another context for the text that is displayed in Data Entry Player. This is accomplished by using one routing for the web interview, another routing for data entry, and specifying the particular context in each routing. You can set the context at the beginning of the routing so that all questions in the routing are displayed in that context or you can set the context at a particular point in the routing so that subsequent questions are displayed in that context.
To set the context in a routing
1 Click Insert > Routing Item > Script Item.
A script item is created with a default name. You can change this if required.
2 (Optional.) Type a description for the script.
3 In the Script tab, enter:
IOM.context=<context name>
where <context name> is the name of the desired context, enclosed in quotes.
For example, if you used the name “DataEntry” for the context to be displayed in Data Entry Player, enter IOM.context="DataEntry".
Questions that follow the script item will be displayed using the content defined for the specified context.
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