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Testing a quota
Quota and participant testing is only supported in Web or Phone preview mode; the Data Entry mode does not support quota and participant testing.
1 On the Tools menu, click Options.
The UNICOM Intelligence Professional Options dialog opens.
2 Verify the Default Participant Record location. This is the file that contains the default participant records when the Participant.xsu file is not found in the project directory. For more information, see Options dialog: Testing tab.
3 Ensure that Debug quota data file location identifies the appropriate quota data records save file location. If required, click Browse to select another location.
4 Click OK.
5 Open the interview script (.mdd) file.
6 On the Tools menu, click Quota > Enable Debugging.
If the quota database does not already exist, it will be automatically created. There might be a delay while this happens. The Enable Debugging menu option should now be selected.
When you next test your interview script, completed and pending counts in the quota database are maintained. If the database already existed, the existing counts are incremented.
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