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Creating questions and responses
You create a questionnaire by adding questions of different types to the questionnaire file, and then adding routing information to specify the order in which you want the questions to appear. The topics in this section deal with creating questions and responses. For information about adding routing information and changing the order of questions, see Changing the questionnaire order.
When you add questions to a questionnaire, work in the Routings pane, so that all the questions you create are automatically added to a routing. Adding questions in the Questions pane adds them to the questionnaire file but does not include them in a routing, so you need to do this in a separate step.
Question types
You can choose from a number of different question types, depending on the information that you want to record. For example, you can create a question that requires the respondent to choose from a list of categories, or you can provide a text box so that respondents can answer in their own words. The type of information that you want to record, and the format in which you want to record it, determine the question type to use.
To help you decide on the most appropriate question type to use when you create a question, see Question type overview.
The Routings section of the Properties pane enables you to select an interviewing mode for the questionnaire. This controls the supported question types. Paper - Scanning mode does not support True or False, Date/Time, Loop, or Block question types. So if you select Paper - Scanning for the interviewing mode, you cannot select these question types.
Predefined questions
You can also add predefined questions to a questionnaire by:
copying the questions from a questionnaire file open in another instance of UNICOM Intelligence Author. For more information, see Copying and pasting questions.
inserting the contents of a questionnaire file from the Library. For more information, see Inserting questions from the library.
using the Questionnaire Wizard to create questions on commonly used themes.
You must first save the open document before working with the questionnaire wizard. Saving the document ensures that the working folder is properly defined.
inserting a special question template. For more information, see Using a question template.
After you insert the questions, you can edit them to meet your requirements.
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