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Creating text questions
Use a text question when you want to give the respondent the chance to answer in their own words. Text questions display a text box, which you can resize to limit the length of the response.
Text questions are also known as open-ended questions.
Creating a text question
1 Click Insert > Question > Text, or press Ctrl+F8.
The new question is displayed in the Routings pane and in the Design pane. It has an automatically generated name: see Automatically generated names.
2 Enter the question text to be displayed to respondents in the box under Name. For example, "Please say what it is that you don't like about coffee".
Specifying the length of the response
The Minimum and Maximum fields indicate the range of characters a respondent can enter. For example, you might want to restrict the respondent to entering a value from 10 to 100 characters.
Setting the length for the question to a maximum value of 40 or less displays the text question with a single line edit box. Setting the maximum value to 41 or higher displays the text question with a multiple line edit box.
Specifying presentation options
The Width and Height fields control the size of the response box. You can change the size of the response box based on the length of the anticipated responses. For more information, see Changing the presentation of a question.
Specifying other options
Specifying additional question details in the Properties pane
Specifying additional response details in the design pane.
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