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Creating Date/Time questions
Use a Date/Time question for any questions where the answer is a date or time.
The Routings section of the Properties pane allows you to select an interviewing mode for the questionnaire. This controls the supported question types. Paper - Scanning mode does not support True or False, Date/Time, Loop, or Block question types. So if you select Paper - Scanning for the interviewing mode, you cannot select these question types.
Creating a date/time question
1 Click Insert > Question > Date/Time or press Ctrl+F9.
The new question is displayed in the Routings pane and in the Design pane. It has an automatically generated name: see Automatically generated names.
2 Enter the question text to be displayed to respondents in the box under Name. For example, "At what time of day do you have your first cup of coffee?"
Specifying the date range
The Minimum and Maximum fields indicate the range of values that the respondent can enter. Enter a date and time, or click on the list and select a start and end date from the calendar.
Specifying additional response details in the Design pane
1 Choose the Design pane.
2 Check the Include box for the Don't Know, Refuse, or No Answer responses to add these to the question.
3 If you want to use different text for the response, for example, “Can't decide” instead of “Don’t know”, type the text in the appropriate Description field.
4 The Go To field shows that when the question has been asked, the questionnaire moves to the next question in the routing list. You can change this so that if the respondent chooses one of the special responses, the questionnaire jumps to a different question. Type in the question name or select it from the list.
Specifying additional question details
See Specifying additional question details in the Properties pane.
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