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Attaching multiple shared lists to a question
You can add more than one shared list to a question. When you do this, you can choose whether you want to display each list with its own subheading, or combine all the lists in a single list in the questionnaire. To display the lists separately, type the text you want to use as the subheading in the description field for the shared list. For example, you might want to use separate lists to subdivide types of coffee into their place of origin.
If you do not use subheadings, the responses in all the shared lists are displayed as a single list.
Changing the response order when using multiple shared lists
If you change the response order for a question that uses shared lists, the ordering depends on whether or not the list has a subheading. If it has a subheading, the responses in the list are kept in their original order and only the subheadings are reordered within the question.
If there are no subheadings, the responses in the question are treated as a single list. The responses are sorted in ascending alphabetical order, regardless of which list they come from.
If you want to use subheadings in a shared list in one question but not in another question, leave the description field blank when you create the shared list. When you add the shared list to the question where you want to display subheadings, type the required subheading in the Description field next to the shared list name for that question.
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