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Inserting Gallery items
Inserting questionnaires, interview scripts and layout templates
1 Click in the Routings pane where you want to insert the gallery item.
2 Select Insert > From Gallery.
3 Select the appropriate category from the Gallery home page.
4 Double-click the appropriate gallery item to display more information about it.
5 Click Insert (or Apply).
If you inserted a questionnaire, continue with these steps:
6 The Insert Library Asset dialog displays. If the selected gallery item is a questionnaire wizard, you must complete the wizard steps before inserting the item.
7 Set these options:
Language: The list provides all languages supported by the gallery item. Select the appropriate language.
Contexts: The list contains all available survey contexts. The contexts define how the metadata is used. For example, the Paper context indicates that the survey will be used with the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper application.
Insert Metadata: When selected, the gallery item is inserted into the active script.
8 The item displays at the selected insertion point.
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