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Adding custom Gallery items
The Gallery is completely configurable. You can add library items or sections to the existing Gallery. You can also remove the existing Gallery and create a custom Gallery. The Gallery is a different view of Library items (the Gallery and Library use the same directory). However, the Gallery uses additional files to support the Gallery display and filtering.
To familiarize yourself with changing the Library, explore the existing library. The Library is in the library file location that is specified in the Options dialog's Library tab (from the Tools menu). The Library contains directories for each section (by default, Functionality, Questions, Survey Fragments, and Templates). The Library also contains the GalleryInformation directory and the Library.xml file.
The Library.xml file describes the sections displayed on the main page, and the section items at the top of the browser page. The Library.xml sections must be accompanied by a directory of library items. Each section typically has a subdirectory in the Library folder. For example, the Library.xml file describes a Survey Fragments section that is associated with the Survey Fragments directory. For more information on the Library.xml file, see Adding custom Gallery categories.
The GalleryInformation subdirectory typically contains the section images on the main page. The subdirectory also contains the Template.dcprop file, which is used for any library item that does not have an associated .dcprop file. The GalleryInformation\DefaultThumbnails directory contains the default thumbnails used if a library item does not have an associated .dcprop file or if the Thumbnail tag for the associated .dcprop file is empty.
Each section has an associated directory. The section directory contains the Section.xml file that defines the tags and tag layout for the section. Tags can be defined differently for each section (for example, this enables different tags to be used to describe templates versus questions). For more information on the Section.xml file, see Adding custom Gallery categories.
The sections directories also contain library items and subdirectories. The directory layout for each section is used in the Library view. This allows directories to organize the library items for the Library view. The .dcprops files are used to organize library items for the Gallery view.
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