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Changing the questionnaire order
When you create questions in the Routings pane, they are automatically added to a routing. A routing is a list of all the questions in the order in which they will appear in the questionnaire, together with additional instructions to skip questions, end the interview prematurely, and control the sequence of questions asked. A single default routing called NewRouting is created whenever you create a new questionnaire file, and all questions that you create in the Routings pane are automatically added to this routing.
You will probably want to rename the default routing to identify the output format. The standard routing names used in UNICOM Intelligence products are:
Web (for online interviews)
CATI (for telephone interviews)
Paper (for interviews in paper format)
However, you do not have to use these names, but can give your routings any valid name.
You can add multiple routings to the questionnaire file. For example, you might want the questionnaire to be published both online and as a paper survey. You can use the same questionnaire file for both versions by creating two routings, Web_Survey and Paper_Survey, and adding the same or different questions to each routing.
You can also add questions to the questionnaire file without adding them to a routing. This means that the question exists in the questionnaire file but does not appear in the questionnaire. It is useful if you want to calculate the results to a question automatically using the responses to another question that does appear.
You can also move questions around within and between routings, and you can group questions into pages or sections and add instructions to change the routing order, for example, by jumping to different questions or terminating the interview early.
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