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Adding routings
You can output your questionnaires in different formats. For example, you might want to create a questionnaire for use both online and in paper format, with similar questions but with some changes for the different output formats. You can do this by creating multiple routings in your questionnaire file, and using the same questions in two or more routings.
To add a routing
1 Click Insert > New Routing or press Alt+I, O.
2 A new routing is created with a default name. Change this to reflect the type of routing (for example, Web_Survey or Paper_Survey).
3 The Description field allows you to type a description for the routing, if desired. When printing draft paper surveys in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper, this description is included. Descriptions are not included in the actual paper survey.
4 Add the questions that you want to appear in the new routing by copying them from the existing routing.
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