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Ungrouping questions
You can ungroup any questions that you have grouped in a loop, page, or section. This deletes the group item and moves the questions up one level in the routing list. Any settings associated with the group item, for example, the loop driver, are also removed.
You can also ungroup one or more of the questions in a group without deleting the group item, by cutting the questions from the group and pasting them elsewhere in the Routings pane.
To ungroup questions by deleting the group
1 In the Routings pane, select the group item that you want to delete.
2 Click Group > Ungroup, or press Alt+G, U.
To ungroup questions without deleting the group
1 In the Routings pane, expand the group item to display the questions.
2 Use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select the questions you want to remove from the group.
3 Click Edit > Cut, or press Ctrl+X.
4 Click outside the group, and then click Edit > Paste, or press Ctrl+V.
The selected questions are moved out of the group.
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