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If item
The If item of a condition block consists of one or more conditions and one or more actions to take if the conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, control passes to the first ElseIf item, if any in the condition block. If there are no ElseIf items, control passes to the Else item if present; otherwise control passes to the next item following the condition block in the current routing. Each Condition block has exactly one If item.
To specify an If item
1 Select the If item in the Routings pane.
If desired, replace the automatically generated name of the item and/or enter a description for the item. Names must be unique, cannot be empty and can contain only letters, numbers and the characters _ @ $ # . The first character must be a letter or _. Names cannot contain spaces.
2 Select one or more questions from the Routings pane or the Questions pane to use as the condition(s) for the If item, then click the Add button.
3 The selected questions display in the If item's logic builder section.
You cannot add a single or multiple response question or grid question as a condition if the question does not contain any responses. Set up the responses for the desired question in the Design pane before adding the question as a condition.
Specify the conditions for the selected questions. How you define the conditions depends on the question types. For more information, see Adding conditions. When you add multiple conditions, the conditions are displayed on separate lines. You can select a line to change or remove it. For more information, see Working with multiple conditions.
You can also drag questions to use as conditions from the Routings pane or the Questions pane from the main UNICOM Intelligence Author window to the Logic tab of the If item. This requires that double-click navigation is enabled (Tools > Enable Double Click Navigation).
4 Add items to the If item. If items can contain questions and routing items, including other Condition blocks. To add items, do one of the following:
Drag items from the Routings or Questions pane onto the icon for the If item.
Select the If item, and then insert a new question or routing item from the Insert menu.
When adding items to an If item, you can select an item within the If as the target. The items will be added after the selected item. Selecting the If item itself adds the new items after any existing ones.
If required, create script filters for the conditions. Script filters enable you to define expressions that cannot be directly parsed for IfBlock, If Go To, and Skip-and-Fill items. For more information, see Adding script filters.
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