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Else item
An Else item of a Condition block consists of one or more actions that are taken when the conditions for the If and ElseIf items (in the block) are not satisfied. A Condition block can only have one Else item and it follows any ElseIf items in the block.
To add an Else item
1 In the Routings pane, select the Condition block to which the new Else item should be added.
2 Click Insert > Routing Item > Condition > Else.
If desired, replace the automatically generated name of the item and/or enter a description for the item. Names must be unique, cannot be empty and can contain only letters, numbers and the characters _ @ $ # . The first character must be a letter or _. Names cannot contain spaces.
3 Add items to the Else item. Else items can contain questions and routing items, including other Condition blocks. To add items, do one of these:
Select one or more items from the Routings or Questions pane and drag them onto the icon for the Else item.
Select the Else item and insert a new question or routing item from the Insert menu.
When adding items to an Else item, you can select an existing item within the Else as the target. The items will be added after the selected item. Selecting the Else item itself results in adding the new items after any existing ones.
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