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Adding script filters
Adding script filters enables you to define expressions that cannot be directly parsed for IfBlock, If Go To, and Skip-and-Fill items.
To create a Script Filter
1 Select the condition from the IfBlock or If Go To logic builder dialogs or the Skip and Fill dialog, and then click the Script Filter button 0.
A new sub-expression is added to the selected condition that provides a text field.
2 Enter the expression.
This script generates an exit message in a CATI survey:
If IOM.Info.InterviewMode = InterviewModes.imLocal Then
ElseIf IOM.Info.InterviewMode = InterviewModes.imDataEntry Then
  TextDE.Response = "Data Entry"
ElseIf IOM.Info.InterviewMode = InterviewModes.imPhone Then
ElseIf IOM.Info.InterviewMode = InterviewModes.imWeb Then
End If
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