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Adding script items from the library
You can quickly add predefined scripts to your questionnaire by selecting a file from the library of scripts provided with UNICOM Intelligence Author and inserting it into your questionnaire. This copies the content of the selected file and pastes it into your questionnaire file. You can then edit it as required.
Each script item supplied with the library includes an explanation of what the script does and lists the changes, if any, that you need to make when adding the script to your own questionnaire. There is no link between the content of the source file and that in your questionnaire file, so changes made after you insert the script do not affect the original script in the library.
To insert a script from the library
1 In the Routings pane, select the question after which you want to insert the script.
2 If it is not visible, display the Library pane.
3 Expand the Script Items folder in the Library pane, and select the file you want to use by doing one of these:
Click Insert > From Library.
Press Alt+I, L.
Click Insert on the Library pane.
Drag the script from the Library pane, and then drop it in the Routings pane where you want to place it.
The script is added to the questionnaire.
4 If the script indicates that it requires customizing, edit the script in the Design pane.
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