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Previewing questions
You can preview individual questions to verify that they display as expected, without activating the questionnaire. You can preview a question as you are creating it, alternating between making changes to the question settings and running a preview to see how the changes appear.
If you attached style templates to the questionnaire, the question is displayed in the style that is defined in the templates. For more information, see Using style templates for questionnaires.
You can also use a question template for questions. For more information, see Using a question template.
When you work with questionnaire files that are opened from an UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin, previewing Web and Phone questionnaires is run on the server. Previewing Data Entry questionnaires is run on the local computer.
To preview a question
1 In the Routings pane, select the question that you want to preview.
2 Select the Preview Question pane. If the pane is not available, select View > Question Preview or press Ctrl+Q.
The question is displayed in a separate pane.
3 To switch between a Web view of the question and a telephone interview view, choose the Web or Phone tab at the bottom of the pane.
4 To preview a different question, select another question from the Routings pane.
Question preview is used to preview an individual question, and does not test how multiple questions interact with each other. If you want to test the question, you must use the Interview Preview option (see Previewing questionnaires) instead of Question Preview.
When you preview date questions in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you might be presented with a security warning that prompts you to Allow blocked content. You must allow the blocked content to preview the date question.
If you still cannot preview the date questions, after you click Allow blocked content, you must verify the Internet explorer security settings.
1 Open the Internet options from the Internet Explorer Tools menu (Tools > Internet options). The Internet Options dialog appears.
2 Select the Advanced tab, and scroll to the Security section.
3 Select the Allow active content to run in files on My Computer option.
4 Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog.
You can now preview date questions.
Using HTML formatting
If you use HTML formatting in the question (see Adding formatting to question and response text), the HTML tags used must be well-formed HTML; otherwise they might not be recognized as HTML and appear as plain text (that is, full tags are displayed) when previewing the question.
UNICOM Intelligence Author retains the authoring mode between sessions. If you were working in HTML mode in a previous session, UNICOM Intelligence Author automatically puts you in HTML mode in your next session.
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