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Setting up hints for auto answer tests
When you test your interviews using the Auto Answer feature, you can add hints to help UNICOM Intelligence Author enter valid answers for some question types. For example, if you have a date/time question, UNICOM Intelligence Author is not able to generate a random answer that constitutes a valid date or time within a short number of tries. Therefore, you can add hints to the question to increase the chances of entering a valid answer. You do this using the Advanced Properties pane.
To add hints to questions
1 In the Routings pane, select the question to which you want to add a hint.
2 Display the Advanced Properties pane.
3 In the AutoAnswer Custom Properties section, enter one of the following custom properties:
Allowed Categories
AutoAnswer Max
AutoAnswer Min
Auto answer playback provides a more direct method for providing question values. For more information, see Auto Answer dialog.
Use caution when modifying advanced properties, as there is limited error validation.
For complete details about advanced properties, see the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library.
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