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Find and Replace dialogs
You can search for text that is part of the name or description using the Find dialog, or you can search for and replace text using the Replace dialog. You can also move directly to a question or routing item in the Routings or Questions panes by typing the start of the item name.
Finding a question
Click Edit > Find, or press Ctrl+F.
Fields on the Find dialog
Find what
Enter a string of characters. You can search for:
A partial match. Type the words that you want to find.
The search finds items that contain any or all of the words. Minor words such as the, a, and and are ignored.
For example, searching for quick brown fox find items such as brown fox, quick cat, and foxtrot.
An exact match.
Type the exact text string surrounded by double quotation marks. The search finds items match exactly (including words such as the, a, and and). The text can be part of a longer string.
For example, searching for "The quick brown fox" finds:
The quick brown fox escaped from the cat's grasp
but not:
A quick brown fox
Match case
By default, the search is not case‑sensitive. For example, searching for "quick brown fox", "Quick brown fox", or "Quick Brown Fox" all give the same results. To restrict the search to match the case of the search text exactly, check this box.
Choose whether to search just the question text or both question and response text.
Look in
You can broaden or narrow your search by choosing from the following options:
Name: Search for the string in the question name.
Description: Search for the string in the question name and description.
Find Next
Choose this button to move to the next instance of the search string. The Find dialog searches from the current position to the end and then goes round until the starting point of the search is reached.
Replacing question or response text
1 Click Edit > Replace, or press Ctrl+H.
All fields are as for the Find dialog, with the addition of:
Replace with. Enter a string of characters to replace the text in the Find field.
2 Choose Replace Next to move to the next question or response containing the characters in the Find field, and then replace them with the characters in the Replace with field.
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